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Located at 4400 Bayou Boulevard in Pensacola, Cordova Square is a unique commercial, dining and retail complex in the heart of the Cordova business district of Pensacola. The Square is home to a wide variety of businesses including restaurants, massage therapists, doctors and dentists, advertising agencies, realtors, software companies, travel agents, banks, dry cleaners, CPA’s and a bridal shop, just to name a few.

The first buildings were occupied in 1983 with the balance of the construction occurring in the next several years. The Cordova Square complex won several design awards for Bill Parks, the architect, for its originality and creativity. At a time when Pensacola commercial construction was very conventional, Cordova Square brought a breath of fresh air to the bay area. A unique roofline, courtyard, amphitheatre, and architectural details make The Square one of the most interesting places to work and visit.